Equipment Leasing and Finance

Everything You Need To Know About Equipment Financing and Leasing

At Infinity Commercial Capital, we want your business to enjoy the most success possible. We partner with owners to provide the best financial solutions for every area of business growth. Whether your company requires working capital for expansion or heavy-duty equipment for your client services, we’re happy to work with you to provide the best interest rates and financing options. Our equipment leasing and finance loans make it easy to get the high-quality systems needed for day-to-day operations.

Equipment Leasing Options for New Businesses

Leasing is an excellent choice for startups because it offers lower monthly payments and greater flexibility for upgrading. It’s usually easy to qualify for a lease, even if your company hasn’t built up a solid credit history or cash flow yet. Our leases provide other important advantages:

  • Flexible payment structures for seasonal businesses
  • Little or no down payment required
  • Sizable equipment funding
  • Generous repayment terms
  • Approval for most leases in 24 hours

Our equipment leasing options can be an excellent solution for new businesses. They can enable you to outfit your business completely with computers, production equipment, heavy machinery, construction equipment and other systems.

Equipment Leasing and Finance for Smart Business Purchases

To maximize your long-term savings, it can make sense to apply for an equipment loan instead of a lease. This is a smart choice for equipment that you want to own and use for a long time. For example, construction companies may want to add another bulldozer or excavator to the fleet. With low interest rates and comfortable repayment terms, they can obtain equipment to boost profits and expand their work capabilities.

Our equipment leasing and finance options can provide loan amounts of $5,000 or more for qualified companies that have been in business for at least two years. We’re also happy to work with new entrepreneurs and franchisees, helping you give your startup an excellent foundation. To decide whether leasing or financing is the best choice for your company, contact us right away for assistance.